Uncover Your Potential with Goal-oriented Travel

Bring your already gained experiences and knowledge with you, and pursue your passions and desired outcomes for personal growth and development.


In our daily lives, we interact and engage with a variety of influences. The grind of work may force us to find balance, or to grind harder. Our peers and idols may model standards to live up to, while our family members may assure us they will support us no matter what. Then there are additional influences, reaching us through other channels, encouraging us to pursue our passions, improve ourselves, define our identities and purpose, and to find where we belong. We have more platforms for free expression than we have ever had, and we have apps to track our goals and progress, tools to create and manage our assets, and already established spaces to find community. In situations where we may feel pulled in too many directions, cost, time, and already being overwhelmed are added factors that inhibit us from exploring our potential, our passions and our own story. Not only that, we are guilty of leaving little room and bandwidth for the pursuit of joy.

But what if we were to take some time in the driver’s seat? What other possibilities would we discover for ourselves? What if we were given permission to take the time to unlock and meet our fullest potential? What if we knew we would still be supported and encouraged, but in a personal growth and learning capacity? What if we began living experientially, rather than vicariously? What if we stepped outside all the expectations and stimulus we have come to know and expect in our familiar environments, and try something else for a change? What if we were to slow down and reflect on what we are really getting out of this thing called life? 


It takes little effort to become an actor in someone else’s narrative, and the demands of others can just as quickly drain our social-emotional and spiritual tanks, as they can sometimes require a toxic dynamic and dependency. Not only that, everything is changing so quickly, we have been pushed into developing a relationship and fixation with time and timetables to measure everything from our growth to our success–a dependency that takes more than it gives. And, time for reflection and introspection, and time to wonder if we are on our own path or a path directed by external actors, just becomes something else we have to fit in. 

There is an alternative to thinking about time, and what you need to thrive. Goal-Oriented Travel (G.O.T) redefines finding time for yourself. Now think of time as your greatest motivator, encouraging you to prioritize self-care and discovery. Bring your already gained experiences and knowledge with you, and pursue your passions and desired outcomes for personal growth and development. It does not have to be an either-or choice, and it does not need to involve overwhelming planning, compromise, or bargaining.

With a goal-oriented approach to travel there are endless possibilities to expand and explore your skill-sets, discover, learn, engage, and create. And Create Joy has all the resources, tools, and expertise to guide you to an itinerary and goal-oriented travel plan that will best nurture and support your growth goals and passions, while also preparing you for outcomes and experiences that could lead to life-long transformation. 


In order to develop an effective travel plan that aligns with your personal goals and desired outcomes, we encourage you to spend some time thinking about and identifying your underlying motivations. Sometimes it is also helpful to look back at patterns, behaviors, and habits we have had in the past, before we can put in the work to move forward and grow. Understanding your WHY is where we dig into what is behind your goals and motivation. It is a gentle introduction to introspective excavation.  

The following questions come from an exercise we do with our Create Joy clients to help them unravel their WHY. As you contemplate these sample questions, you’ll delve deeper into your commitment to embarking on a goal-oriented travel adventure. 

  • How do I perceive the health of my current relationships, specifically my intimate circle, my working circle, and my local community circle? 
  • What could I do within my power to foster, enhance, grow, or change these relationships?
  • How do I respect and interact with nature and the environment around me? 
  • How could my interactions improve?
  • Looking at the different relationships I have, do I see any patterns? If so, what are those patterns?
  • Have the relationship choices I have made and the corresponding actions I have taken prevented me from my ideal life? 
  • What actions or routines do I have now that are preventing me from adopting my ideal life?
  • What currently motivates me? 

For many of our clients, it is the discovery of their WHY that initiates and ignites greater ambitions. 

So, now that we have shared with you a little bit about Create Joy’s approach to facilitating and planning travel experiences, would you say that it is about time for another narrative to be written? 


At Create Joy, we have identified a number of common goals that can provide examples and inspiration, as you think about what you want and what you hope to get out of your goal-oriented travel experience. You might have the desire to change a habit, or acquire a new skill. You may want to learn to be comfortable in a different and immersive environment. Or, maybe you want to accomplish a physical feat. 

What intentions would you need to set in order to work towards these goals? What opportunities would furnish you with new knowledge or perspective? What scenarios or outcomes would bring you closer to personal achievement? These are some of the many questions we will encourage you to explore.

Creating a travel plan with SMART goal-setting strategies allows us to focus on outcomes that will be impactful and meaningful. Create Joy is well-versed in offering smart, compassionate and encouraging guidance that will nail down the whys, hows, and what ifs that are integral to your goal-oriented travel experience. 

Get SPECIFIC – Setting clear goals can minimize some of that abstract and hypothetical thinking we can get caught up in, while planning for a new experience. Clarity around goals also helps us to help you get to where you want to be.  

Make it MEASURABLE – We have already discussed the quantitative and limiting aspects of time, but what about money and budget? And how will you measure the outcomes you are seeking to know you have been successful? Perimeters are not necessarily restraints, sometimes they can provide a sense of security in unfamiliar situations or places. 

Strive for the ACHIEVABLE & REALISTIC – In a world of possibilities, it is easy to get carried away. G.O.T is about setting goals that are attainable, relevant, and realistic. At Create Joy we are on a mission to challenge, but also transform. What we are striving for is success and confidence-building for our clients. We are not going to set you up to fail, but will coach you to persevere in the face of adversity.

Account for your TIMEThere is no getting around it, we are a time-bound society. But we can still make the most of things in an efficient and effective manner. Time can also be on your side when you are focused on achieving goals. 

Joyful group of women


At the heart of self-development and most personal goals, there is a universal connection. What we hope to learn about ourselves, can help us to better understand who we are as contributing community members. When you set goals of learning, growth, and achievement, it can have a rippling effect in terms of what you bring into your broader community. But before you can identify and develop a strong sense of identity and meaning, you must first feel secure and supported in looking at your relationships and community involvement, as it is presently. 

Community and care are integral and interrelated components in transformational and sustainable travel. Building a sense of community and care directly relates to everyday aspects of your life. Whether you are sharing your days with loved ones, interacting with strangers on the go, or communicating and collaborating with colleagues in work settings, relationship-building generates human capital that can have greater impact on our communities and our social-emotional identities. Improving the way you view and engage with immediate acquaintances, working peers, and in local circles can also have many intrinsic social, psychological, and wellness benefits. Improving these relationships can increase your overall health, your personal and global knowledge, your sense of personal safety and belonging, your access to resources and opportunities, and your emotional intelligence. 

Two happy women on a beach.


In a world full of influence, losing sight of your identity and purpose is easy to do. It is when we grant ourselves the time and permission to uncover our fullest potential, we not only enrich our lives but inspire those around us through our personal growth and learning stories. 

Travel can be the key to unlocking your unique story. You hold the power to take the reins, steer your own course, and embark on adventures that can lead you to new and exciting places. With each goal you set, every step you take, and every experience you celebrate, you come that much closer to unlocking your limitless potential and embracing the boundless joy it brings. 

Goal-Oriented Travel with Create Joy will prepare you for the possibilities and value-added experiences that may have once felt out of reach, leaving more time for you to focus on what is important to you, and what you aspire to achieve with your one wild and precious life. 


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