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Create Joy’s Travel Style

We believe in the power of traveling

Travelers who work with Create Joy are current and future leaders and explorers, innately curious, and ambitious when it comes to achieving growth. There is a personal vulnerability that is required for growth, and it is relationship-based. We encourage solo, two-person, and immediate family travel for this reason. We do look to group settings for planning educational and social activities, and to further support shared adventures and experiences. We do not lean on large group or multi-day tours for your personal goals, or for guidance through your journey.

The beauty of impactful travel is not the absence of adversity, but being prepared to handle and work through challenges. At Create Joy, we guide our travelers toward a more empowered, educated, and prepared mindset. We understand the common concerns our different travelers have, and we want to help you to achieve your goals. We have built tools to prepare you for travel, and we offer a unique approach to support you, as you navigate and overcome any obstacles or barriers standing in your way.

What's Your Travel Style?

solo, couple, and companion travel styles

Travelers sometimes see the benefits or outcomes of travel as unintentional results. Identifying the best travel style for your desired outcomes is the first step toward ensuring you have an impactful travel experience. From there, we can look at desired outcomes and travel style to pick a goal or set of goals and build intentions around them. Think of your travel style as your dedicated mode of travel.

We have found the outcomes of solo, couple, and companion travel to be expansive. Travelers lead themselves on goal-oriented experiences that are exploratory and eye-opening. Each travel style elicits a customized approach. Personal or group goals, challenges, and benefits can differ slightly, and we are adept at adjusting our approach to meet you where you are and to help you get to where you want to be.

woman with backpack enjoy the view of a city

Solo Travel

Discover Yourself, Discover A World Of Possibilities

As a solo traveler, there are many things to consider and prepare for when looking for an impactful travel experience. At the top of these preparations is ensuring your travel is safe, while being immersive, adventurous, and educational. Solo travel is about personal growth, and solo travel’s benefits are endless.

We can assure you that solo travel is anything but lonely. However, there are itinerary elements that can help you ebb the feeling of loneliness while you travel. We remind all travelers to go in with an open mind and heart, to be social, and to know that each new interaction is a chance for a clean slate, to be empowered, and to learn.
Solo travel brings about an awakening. The outcomes marry mind, body, and soul. You become a better version of yourself, more attune with the world, other people, and your passions.

Couple Travel

Deepen Your Bond, Enrich Your Growth

Traveling with your partner or spouse can be an incredibly impactful experience, both as a couple, and for each individual. Take your honeymoon or anniversary and turn it into a rich travel experience that holds and preserves a deeper sense of purpose.

Planning an immersive travel adventure requires a lot of alignment and understanding of each other’s travel desires, goals, strengths, and challenges. The benefits of traveling with your partner or spouse are worth every minute of preparation that goes into it. It can be a powerful vehicle to strengthen and deepen your relationship, and those benefits continue long after your travel experience.

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Companion Travel

Share Your Experience, Support and Motivate Your Growth

Traveling with a close friend or family member can be an incredibly impactful experience, both for your relationship and for each individual. Impactful travel with a friend or family member can deepen a bond through support and teamwork. It also gives each individual a chance to learn and see the world from the perspective of their companion.

Planning a transformational companion travel experience requires communication and care of both individuals, as well as a shared understanding of each traveler’s individual goals, strengths, and challenges. Traveling with a companion means the uniting of two distinct individuals creating a stronger, more supportive, and broader perspective while you embark on your journey.

Create joy travel

Your Road Map is Paved With Goal-Oriented Intentions

If your travel style is your dedicated mode of travel, and the desired outcome is your destination, then think of attaining your goals as the journey, and your intentions as the road map.

Knowing your desired outcomes will help with intentional goal-setting for your travel experience. By setting individual or shared goals, you create a purpose, a method of motivation and accountability that will help you reach those outcomes.

Once goals are set, you can think about the route in which you are going to achieve your goal. These are your intentions. During solo travel, you are your own leader, motivator, and cheerleader, and thus, your intentions are a tool to achieve your goal individually. When traveling with a companion or as a couple, you are embarking on a shared experience. You are co-leaders in your journey, motivating and supporting each other, and thus, your intentions are a tool to achieve both your individual and shared goals.

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