From Dreaming to Achieving with Intentional Travel

Intentional travel begins with a dream, where we reimagine our lives, our boundaries, our priorities, our obligations, and our commitments to self and others.

She Believed She Could, So She Did!

Sometimes it takes a major event, like a loss, or a global pandemic, for us to reevaluate our priorities, to recognize behaviors and mindsets that do not serve us, and to finally take steps outside our usual routines to embrace the kinds of experiences we wish to have. Intentional travel begins with a dream, where we reimagine our lives, our boundaries, our priorities, and our commitments to ourselves and others.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a surprising number of people went out and bought RVs and campers. This market trend was not just random consumer behavior. Suddenly, everything was on pause, and there were so many unknowns. What we had–our health, each other, our dreams– felt more and more precious. People were becoming untethered from having to go into an office each day (thanks to remote capabilities), and they saw opportunity in this newly-presented flexibility. Motivated by their individual needs and desires, many people chose to turn their pandemic experience into positive self-care and travel experiences.

But it is not always a big life event that makes us realize a change is needed. We might just know that we are ready to see and experience something new and different. Or, maybe we are primed for something else, but we are not yet feeling confident enough to take action. Goals and plans can be difficult to materialize when there are so many “what ifs” floating around in our heads. Having dreams and fantasies is a good place to begin.


Did you know that 1 in 3 travelers turn to social media for travel inspiration? According to studies on travel inspiration, there is an initial dreaming phase positioned at the start of our decision-making and planning processes. This dreaming state of mind can occur in the short-term, or over the long-term, and it is a type of motivational and facilitative vehicle that can lead to realized possibilities, and short- or long-term goal-setting.

External stimuli are known triggers for inspiration. Seeing an image of an exotic rainforest setting might inspire a fantasy where you are transported to the entrance of a sacred temple. Or, maybe you catch the scent of salt in the air, and suddenly coastal destinations are placed in the forefront of your mind. It could even be hearing music on the radio, and becoming so enraptured that you want to see a live performance in a historic theater district. There is something about daydreaming that brings out in us a sense of awareness of having better or new possibilities, that at one time felt unimaginable. Encounters like this can also feel serendipitous, or like “The Sign” you have been waiting for has finally arrived to gently push you toward making plans and setting goals.

Other aspects of inspiration impel us to take decided steps over the threshold of dreaming, and to put our visions and wanderlust into action.


What motivates us? And, how do we make that shift from being inspired by, to being inspired to? Motivations can be unique to our personalities, needs, and desires, and sometimes they might not be as obvious to us in the heat of the moment. Create Joy is here to explore what is inspiring you to plan and take your next travel experience.

Leveling-up your cognizance will only serve you in setting your travel intentions, and ultimately it will lead to more impactful experiences, overall. WHY do you want to travel? And, in what way do you want to have new experiences? Are two important questions to have. Such personal insights can equip us in taking a mindful approach to making travel preparations, and in identifying the preferences that complement your goals and dreams. But if you are intimidated by such personal inquiry, you do not have to go it alone. Create Joy has a transparent process that can guide you to the WHYs and HOWs of travel.

Let’s consider a few motivations we have identified here at Create Joy, and perhaps they may invoke or inspire something in you,


When we feel stuck in the monotony and ennui of routine, we might also feel as though we are missing something, a true connection, maybe even something deeper. Maybe it is a dream of becoming more open to others, or maybe we wish to develop ourselves and our self-awareness in relation to a larger, connected world. Maybe it is as simple as wanting to love the life we are living and leading.


Sometimes we get the sense that we are stuck where we are, and so we fantasize about going somewhere else for a while, where we are not tied to all those pesky responsibilities and stressful deadlines. Cleaning the bathroom, POOF, gone. Commuting in gridlock traffic every morning, POOF, gone. Keeping up with the never-ending emails, POOF, gone. We desire experiences that feel lighter, more fluid, and full of possibilities. We desire experiences that transport us, that bring us somewhere else spiritually and/or physically.


Are you interested in learning a new skill? Or, how about another culture? Could your wish be to take on any and all opportunities that lead you along the path of life-long learning?


You are seeking personal growth opportunities, or new challenges. Maybe, travel for you is about pushing yourself beyond what is usually inhibiting for you. You already know there is a transformative experience out there waiting for you, now when do you let yourself begin embracing it?


Why not get out and see the world and get healthy while you do it? Are you long-overdue for a renewing and rejuvenating experience? A detox from all that hustling can be the extra nudge you need to adopt a more balanced lifestyle at home.


What else is out there? Don’t you want to find out?!

As you read through this list of motivations, you might have had a lightbulb moment. Did any or all of these motivations resonate with you? Or, you may have noticed how some of these motives for travel appear to have intrinsic benefits. That is intentional.

There are many benefits to traveling. It has been reported that when traveling, individuals can experience whole-body wellness, and feel healthier than when they are home. Traveling can boost endorphins and creativity, and it can provide the much needed rest and relaxation that helps us to reduce stress and recharge. Immersive travel can also change patterns of thinking and alter habits and lifestyles in a more authentic and sustainable way.

Gaining perspective is another underlying benefit of travel that ties nicely into having a transformative experience, as it does correspond to becoming a life-long learner, or feeling connected to a broader community. Perspective can give us a window into our privilege and inspire us to become a change-maker or peacemaker, while cross-culture exposure can cultivate a culture of empathy and compassion. What we bring home with us, whether it is knowledge, skills, or experiences, can be applied in the ways we interact with others in other places, and in our own communities.

Ultimately, Create Joy is ready to meet you where you are, as you take next steps toward turning your dreams, goals, and intentions into a feasible growth and travel journey.


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