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We believe in expanding your comfort zone through travel. We want to aid you in finding comfort in situations that may have once been uncomfortable or unfamiliar to you, as you consider new destinations and immersive experiences you always imagined being a part of, and rise to meet goals head on. Whether traveling solo, as a couple, or with a friend or family member, feeling safe and prepared for the Unknown can help you open your heart and mind and feel more empowered.

We take your safety seriously. Through research, vetting, and safety partnerships, we provide comprehensive resources for your immersive travel experience.

Whether we are coaching you through selecting destination options, or we are handling all the planning and booking, we take your travel desires and requirements into consideration, along with any important local knowledge, travel information, and safety-related guidance you will need to have. We factor into our planning and preparation:

  • Common Risks that may require additional safety resources. This includes civil unrest, transportation, crime, and medical risks. 
  • Staunch Cultural Biases or Laws. Unfortunately, there may be cultural bias anywhere you go, but for some destinations, the risks are higher. Understanding that inclusivity and safety go hand in hand, we present all high-risk cultural biases and laws that may affect our traveler’s safety.
  • Travel Requirements and Medical Resources. We take physical safety into consideration when looking at destinations. Do you have requirements that can or can not be addressed when traveling to and exploring this destination?
  • Required Medication. We inform you if any medicines or prescriptions that you require are not allowed within the country.

Much like picking your destination, there are certain factors that we present and advise you on when looking at potential goal-based experience options. We look at the following factors:

  • The Experience Requirements. Understanding all of the elements and restrictions of the experience in relation to your goal or goals can help you decide if this is something you can safely work towards and accomplish. We look at the feasibility and timing of the experience, your mental and physical requirements, and depending on the type of experience, other elements such as weather, community culture, and duration of experience.
  • Your Personal Restrictions and Current Health. Setting goals for travel is supposed to challenge and motivate you to accomplish something impactful. We want to coach and plan an experience that you can accomplish safely and realistically. We discuss your current mental and physical state, your safety concerns, what you believe you can accomplish in terms of preparation, and what support and tools you have at home to get you to where you want to be physically and mentally. 
  • Is this a solo or guided experience? Sometimes accomplishing a goal on your own or with a companion can be done safely and successfully, and sometimes it is advised and best to have a local guide to accompany you on the experience. Having a vetted guide or small group does not make your goal-oriented experience less successful. When the experience would not be safe to go about alone, we always get you set with a guide or local tour operator to enhance your experience and add a level of safety to the experience. 

We have criteria derived from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to analyze and vet experience operators, accommodations, and destinations. This standard not only helps us determine their impact and your impact on the planet, but it also helps us look at their involvement in the community, validity, and adherence to local laws and regulation. 

In addition, we maintain consistent communication during the planning process with any operations, guides, accommodations, and destinations to properly ensure your travel experience is handled with safety in mind.

Knowing about your destination ahead of time and being knowledgeable about what you can expect can alleviate some of the stresses that come with the unknown. Going to your destination(s) empowered and prepared with knowledge can create a sense of security for you, and Your Journey Packet will be one of the many resources we equip you with before your travels.    

Inside your Journey Packet you will find comprehensive destination and experience guides. Being aware of cultural norms, etiquette, traditions, and necessary laws can help you easily navigate unfamiliar territory like a pro. Included in Your Journey Packet, we will provide any recommended, destination-specific packing lists and preparation checklist. Your Journey Packet will help you better understand:

  • Security tools such as embassy and consulate information, updates on civil unrest occurrences, security advice, and emergency contacts.
  • Travel requirements such as entry and exit information, restricted items, and important laws to know, including drug and alcohol, traffic laws, cultural laws, and other governmental laws that could affect travelers. 
  • Cultural points that can aid in safety, blending in, and respect. This would include communication, subjects that should not be discussed, common sayings and signs of respect, and apps that help you translate. We also empower you with information on cultural etiquette, such as eating, transportation, and clothing. 
  • Common aspects of that destination’s main theocracies can help you show respect and stay safe as you travel, and as you encounter different groups of people along the way.
  • Cultural biases that you may come across during your travels. This happens no matter your destination, and being prepared for bias ahead of time can help you navigate it with more confidence while traveling. 

We highly encourage visiting a health professional six to four weeks before your travel to get necessary vaccinations or a general check-up. In addition, We provide you with information on food and water safety and items you can pack for safety, such as sanitizer, over-the-counter medicines, and travel first aid kits.

Your Journey Packet will contain a recommended list centered on minimalism, sustainability, and budget, with links to recommended travel items. We advise on pack list items such as:

  • Clothes that meet the cultural clothing recommendations and common weather of that destination
  • Health and first aid items 
  • Tips on what to leave at home
  • Documentation and travel apps based on your destinations(s)

Whether advising on or managing your budget for you, we always furnish you with information regarding:

  • Travel Insurance and what different policies mean for you
  • Travel security and the benefits of having a security safety net, especially when traveling solo, and/or to destinations with a high risk or civil unrest. We partner with Global Rescue to provide security, medical advisory, and evacuation for your travel experience.
  • Emergency funds and why always factoring them into your budget is highly encouraged. We will work with you and your budget to determine a recommended emergency fund based on your length of travel, destination(s), and the common risks you may encounter.


global Recue + Create joy

Global Rescue provides travelers with medical and security advisory and evacuation services worldwide. The services that Global Rescue provides are:

You can refer to the Global Rescue section in Your Journey Packet anytime you have safety concerns while you travel and prepare for travel. We work with Global Rescue to stay current on all of the safety information relating to your destination, so you can focus on your growth, and feel secure while taking on your goals. 

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Travel Insurance + The Unknowns

World Nomads + IMG

Travel insurance can help you feel protected from the unknowns of travel. Create Joy can help you understand what each policy contains and how it will impact your travel experience. Travel insurance can cover events such as:

While trip cancellation coverage is not mandatory, some countries require proof that a traveler has travel medical coverage before allowing entry. These countries include Algeria, Argentina, Aruba, Cuba, Ecuador, Fiji, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, The UAE, Turkey, and more. 

Since 2002, World Nomads have been protecting, connecting, and inspiring independent travelers. They offer simple and flexible travel insurance and safety advice to help you travel. Because they believe in giving back to the places we travel to, World Nomads also enables you to make a difference with a micro-donation when you buy a policy. World Nomads provides travel insurance for travelers in over 100 countries. 

IMG®, a worldwide leader in global benefits and travel insurance, has created a robust product, tailor-made for the adventurous traveler. IMG Signature Travel InsuranceSM is an excellent add-on to your Global Rescue membership, providing coverage against a variety of unexpected expenses while you’re traveling, and giving you the added comfort of knowing your trip is protected should certain mishaps occur.

IMG®, a worldwide leader in global benefits and travel insurance, has created a robust product, tailor-made for the adventurous traveler. IMG Signature Travel InsuranceSM is an excellent add-on to your Global Rescue membership, providing coverage against a variety of unexpected expenses while you’re traveling, and giving you the added comfort of knowing your trip is protected should certain mishaps occur.


How Our Approach Ensures Authenticity

Our goal is always to support local economies, identities, and values. Travel can be viewed as a commodity, allowing us to consume without thought, and return from our experience feeling dissatisfied, empty, or feeling or even more chaotic than before. It is easy to travel without mindfulness or care, and it can be done with disregard for destinations and others.

Sustainable travel is not only a holistic approach that leads to impactful experiences. It helps us to put aside grand expectations, claims, and entitlement, and gain a perspective that is more compassionate, empathetic, and authentic.

Head over to our Sustainability Pledge to learn more.

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