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Take The Journey From Dreaming + Goal Setting All the way To achieving + reflecting

You contain multitudes. Discovering your multitudes and planning a travel experience around your desired growth is what we offer.

Traveling presents you with a plethora of opportunities to become the best version of yourself. Our approach promotes exposure to dynamic settings that nurture learning and growth, while tapping into your potential, motivations, and dreams. Our sustainable approach to the transformative journey begins by identifying your ideal areas of improvement and aligning your personal goals with what you wish to achieve through travel.

Whether you are seeking new awakenings, growth beyond your comfort zone,  increased mindfulness, courage, or empowerment we offer support, tools,  resources, and consultation services that assist you through unique self-discovery processes, turning your desires into realistic achievements and impactful experiences.

Some travelers come to Create Joy with certain goals in mind, but they need additional support and guidance in integrating those goals into their everyday lives and travel plans.

If you are after a change in routine, habits, mindfulness, or mindset we offer assistance navigating your barriers and challenges. Create Joy provides resources and services that propel both your travel journey, and your personal journey forward. 

To help you link your self-development goals with an impactful travel experience, we curate Personalized Plans For Impactful Travel, allowing you to determine how your journey will enhance your well-being, development, and lifestyle. We lean on motivation, education, preparation, and planning as we recommend packages that work for your goals and budget.

If you are looking for a transformational travel experience that is an extension of your personal growth journey, keep reading to learn more about our unique and individualized process. 


Motivation and support go hand in hand. Motivation is the connective piece between self-awareness and action. We facilitate the discovery of what brings joy, purpose, and growth into your life and daily activities.

When going through the motions of everyday life, it can be hard to stop and ask yourself,

  • Where am I?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • How do I get there?

Our Begin Your Journey kit helps to create an action plan for personal growth. As you focus on revitalizing your self awareness, you gain better understanding of your behaviors, patterns, and routines.  Ultimately, this enables you to visualize the necessary changes, growth, and progress beyond your established habits. 

As you work through the kit, you are guided from awareness to action, a process that defines what brings you joy, where you would like to grow, and what you currently feel incapable of. The end result is a greater understanding of what you wish to achieve through goal-oriented travel and in your every day.

Excited about discovering yourself again? Begin Your Journey and Contact Us to receive your free Begin Your Journey Kit, or set up an Intro Call with our Founder, Heather. 

Sometimes, you need deeper insight into personal characteristics, patterns, fears, and desires. The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator Test is linked to a number of ancient wisdom traditions, and is scientifically validated to produce a full personality profile. 

This tool aligns aspects of your current self, with the ease and process of discovering where you want to grow.

Create Joy utilizes this tool throughout all steps of the process to,

  • Motivate based on your worldview and your WHY
  • Educate based on your strengths and barriers, ensuring you are engaged, and understand how we can collaborate and communicate with each other 
  • Prepare you for growth and achievement in ways that align with your natural tendencies 
  • Plan a travel experience based on your personality, preferences, and opportunities for growth

Once you revitalize your self-awareness and understand your growth opportunities, you can move into action. It is not always easy to make the move from awareness to action, and that’s why we are here to guide you through the process of CREATE-ing a goal. 

CREATE goals are similar to SMART goals with a Create Joy twist. You want to ensure that your goal is Realistic, Evaluative, Actionable, and Timely. It is also important to consider your goal’s impact on self and others, as you explore what will be most exciting for you. This approach is designed to shift your perspective from possibility and positivity, fortifying relevance and navigating you to success.

From the first step to the last, it is important to have a system of support. Create Joy is your built-in support system. 

This support means spending the time needed for research and establishing a detailed and achievable goal plan. This means aligning you with the proper resources and tools to take small steps to success. And it means providing you with local and community recommendations, so you can take purposeful actions towards your larger goal right in your backyard.

Our Create Joy support system encourages wellness activities and opportunities for connection, while providing motivational check-ins and so much more. It is our intent to  prompt progress throughout your experience, as you work towards your desired goal, as you stay focused and  prepare, as you take your trip, and even when you are in the reflection stage of your personal growth journey. 


Growth is the elevation of your current self, and education is the elevator. We see the development of cultural awareness, problem-solving tactics, and autonomy as some the most important life skills one can possess.

The Create Joy community is a supportive space for continued growth and education, for cultivating adaptability, and for honing one’s decision-making abilities. Our resources are designed to be educational  and informative, as you participate in experiential travel. 


Motivational and Educational resources allow you to focus on staying consistent, making informed decisions, and activating your capacity to make lasting habit and behavioral changes.

You will find that you have more time to prepare for your travels and more time to focus on your goals, when you leverage our Motivational and Educational resources that match your personality, objectives, and travel preferences . Our preparation process allows for guided learning, tailored milestones, and tools that ready you for your transformative travel experience.


As you set your focus on staying motivated, learning, and preparing for your goal-oriented travel experience, leave the designing and logistical elements to us.

Your desired outcomes, intentions, JOY Zones, travel preferences, and our consistent communication will all be taken into consideration, as we build an itinerary that allows for moments of authentic connection with local communities, opportunities to experience sacred and historical storytelling, and exposure to heritage traditions and celebrations. We are cognizant of the impression travel makes when our travelers are in a growth mindset, and we want your experiences to be safe, impactful, and full of rich details. 

Our planning services guide, the transportation and accommodations we book, and the experiences we plan meet most or all of the following conditions:

Our Travel Styles

Solo, Couple, And Companion Travel Styles

Travelers sometimes see the benefits and outcomes of travel as unintentional results. Identifying your travel style is the first step towards your impactful travel experience. From there, we can look at desired outcomes, pick a goal or set of goals, and build intentions around them. Think of your travel style as your dedicated mode of travel; for your journey you will bring your preferences, an identified comfort zone, and your goals.

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