Goals + Intentions For Impactful Travel

Your Journey


By setting goals and intentions, whether individually or for a shared experience, you create a purpose, a method of motivation, and accountability checks that will help you reach your desired outcomes.

develop new passions


Develop a Skill

You are looking to learn a skill that has been on your bucket list, or you are looking to understand and learn a skill associated with a culture or tradition. This could be anything from sailing, gardening, weaving, cooking, or farming.

Understand Historical, Scientific, Theological, or Artistic Subjects

You want to take a deep dive and expand your knowledge on a topic or subject that is new or thought-provoking.

Learn + Immerse Yourself in a Language

You want to immerse yourself in one or multiple destinations with the goal of learning and understanding the intricacies of a language.

Understand Environmental, Agricultural, and Natural Processes

You desire to explore life cycles, and understand how ecosystems work together to help species thrive, and what that information can teach us about the world in which we live. You may wish to incorporate homeopathic knowledge into this experience, such as learning more about nutrition and medicinal properties found in nature, or gaining a geological understanding of diverse terrains and landscapes.

understand different perspectives


Gain Perspective on a Specific Culture

You want to immerse yourself in a specific culture, through deep exploration of a country, region, or place, and with immediate, hands-on exposure to their material and nonmaterial aspects and symbols of tradition and culture.

Experiential & Exploratory Learning

Exploration can include multiple destinations, a specific theme, center on specific subjects, and can be made up of one or more types of activities.

Accomplish a Designated Route

You want to travel and have multiple stops, or destinations. Or, you may want to experience a certain mode of transportation, in a set amount of time. This could be a themed, historical, or cultural route that is a defined loop or open-jaw itinerary.

People and Planet

You are looking to volunteer or work within a community, or for a cause.

build a stronger YOU


Embark on an Outdoor Adventure

You want to go off-grid, be outdoors, and set a distance or elevation goal made up of one or more varying activities.

Achieve a Distance or Elevation

You have a distance or elevation gain that you want to achieve. This could be through the course of your journey, or it could be within a specific time period. It could be at one destination with multiple stops or have multiple destinations.

Accomplish a Trek

You want to travel on foot or by bike to multiple stops or destinations, over the course of a few days, or more. We encourage guided treks.

Learn New Forms of Mental Wellness Practice

You are looking to learn new forms of meditation and mental health-care. This can be destination-based or practice-based, or it could include a variety of destinations, or trying out different types of mindful practice.

Learn a New Form of Movement and Exercise

You want to learn cultural, specific, or varying forms of dancing, exercising, unique movements, or sports activities. This can include multiple destinations, or one destination with multiple types of movement and exercise.

Your Journey

A Goal Set For Growth

Once your goals are set, you can think about the ways in which you are going to achieve them. These are your intentions.

During solo travel, you are your own leader, motivator, and cheerleader, and thus, your intentions are a tool to achieve your goal independently.

When traveling with a companion or as a couple, you are embarking on a shared experience. You are co-leaders in your journey, motivating and supporting each other, and thus, your intentions facilitate the achievement of individual and shared goals.

Your Roadmap

Intentions For Change

Intentions have no limits, and are effective in guiding you through your journey. They can help you get out of your own way, and they can set your mind to a place of peace and comfort, where your perceived limitations are less inhibiting than your desire to open your mind and heart and reach other desirable states.

We break intention-setting into three phases that align with our process.

intentions for working with Create Joy

Creating Trust for change

Travelers who work with Create Joy are, or, want to become, leaders and explorers. They are innately curious, and they are ambitious when it comes to achieving growth. There is a personal vulnerability that is required for growth, and it is relationship-based. Because of this, we want to ensure that each traveler is a good fit for our process, and is ready to take the appropriate steps to have a transformational travel experience. We have five intentions we ask travelers to set when working with us:

  1. I am here for the inner journey of learning and growth just as much as for the outer journey of adventure and travel.
  2. I am here from start to finish, and I commit to preparing, participating, and remaining fully engaged in my journey.
  3. I will prioritize my goal and use my intentions to guide me forward.
  4. I will be present while preparing for and on my travel experience.
  5. I will have an open mind and heart, putting aside bias, stereotypes, and expectations I have directed towards people, places, and the planet.
man helping a woman climb

Intentions when preparing for your travel experience

staying motivated and engaged

How do you want to live as you prepare for your journey? Examples of intentions you might have as you anticipate your journey: Keeping yourself motivated and strong, being the leader of your goal, having a growth mindset throughout the process, and appreciating what challenges teach you, as you overcome them. If you are traveling as a couple or with a companion, you should also set shared intentions for communication, attitudes, and support.

With your preparation intentions, you can create a mantra that will help you work towards goals and travel experiences. For example, I am strong, motivated, and ready to make this day count towards my personal journey.

man helping a woman climb

Intentions for your travel experience

Setting attitudes & actions toward achievement

  1. What persona and attitudes do you want to adopt while traveling? For example, if a desired outcome is that you hope to be more social as you come out of your travel experience, your intentions might be to remain engaged, participate, listen and learn, and reflect. Set your intentions knowing you are the power, seeking challenges physically, culturally, and mentally. 
  2. What is one action you can take and contribute to the world while traveling
  3. When you embark on your travel experience what feelings, beliefs, habits, or actions would you like to leave behind for good?
  4. Disconnecting from work, routine and habits, and social networks can help lighten you and clear your brain, allowing you to be more present. What are you going to disconnect from in order to be more present as you travel?
woman looking up at lights on a city street
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