Turning Travel Challenges into Growth Opportunities

Here are some of the common inhibitors our coaches at Create Joy are very familiar with discussing and working with, and what you can expect from our process, as we curate the right trip and itinerary for you.

Discourage Us Not!

We are not brave and open, all the time. Sometimes there are specific reasons why we become afraid or insecure about taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zones. It could be a gut instinct that seizes us up, or causes us to second-guess our choices and decisions. Maybe it is a matter of practicality. On occasion, we might even become so discouraged we don’t take initiative at all. Our dreams, in turn, are kept tucked away, and they might stay there for some time.

This is perfectly natural human behavior! We are born with instincts and the ability to reason and navigate, and when traveling these become qualities we can depend on. However, at various times in our lives, we might have a moment of recognition or a realization that there are certain behaviors, routines, and mindsets we want to change or break free of, and having the right support in place makes all the difference in the world.

Here are some of the common inhibitors our coaches at Create Joy are very familiar with discussing and working with, and what you can expect from our process, as we curate the right trip and itinerary for you.


Traveling does not have to cost an arm and a leg in order for it to be impactful, unique, or authentic. At Create Joy we proudly adhere to sustainable tenets, especially when it comes to saving time and money for our clients. We are an efficacy-driven consultation group, and our aim is to guide you to not just a satisfactory trip, but toward the kinds of experiences you always dreamed of having. Create Joy uses multiple tools to monitor and track costs to find the best and budget-friendly options for you. We also offer budget guidance and management, so that there is one less worry to follow you on your adventure. Impactful, sustainable, and authentic travel experiences do not have to be expensive, and you do not need to travel all the way across the world to find personal growth opportunities through travel.


For female travelers, especially, traveling alone for the first time can be intimidating. Traveling solo may even be one of your personal goals, and how you envision yourself stepping out of your comfort zone. Create Joy was created with this particular demographic in mind. We are a female-owned company that understands the real-world hesitations, concerns, implications and motivations connected to unaccompanied travel. But solo travel can also be a very rewarding and empowering experience, and we encourage and support our female clients to travel in a safe and purposeful way that nurtures personal growth and development. Solo travel does not have to be a lonely and intimidating endeavor. We believe community can be found everywhere, and Create Joy wants to cultivate a culture among young, curious, and ambitious women that promotes inclusive access to travel and adventure.


Everyone wants to feel safe when they are in foreign situations and environments. We have partnered with Global Rescue and World Nomads to ensure you are prepared and protected while traveling. These international resources keep us in the know about high risk areas, and provide additional assurances that you will have access to medical care, crisis-response contacts, and security in your back pocket.


We have you covered on this one! We utilize the criteria set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to vet all destinations and experiences. In addition, we calculate your journey’s carbon footprint and work with reputable offsetting projects to help you ensure your impact is net zero or minimal.


As part of our itinerary building process, Create Joy will provide many additional resources to prepare you for your trip ahead. From language resources to resources that inform you about the culture and laws of a place, we will assemble a local resource guide that will be useful and specifically oriented to the things you want to see and do. Minimizing barriers and unknowns is our ultimate goal in planning for you.


This is more common than you think. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a big deal, and we will not minimize any feelings of certainty you might be having, as you prepare to travel. Our approach to planning and preparation is thoughtfully focused on reducing stressful situations for our clients. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or are concerned whether you have all your bases covered, there is no need to fear. Our guides are creative, highly competent, and sensitive to these client concerns. And, they enjoy the personalization that goes into curating each trip, with each itinerary being as unique as the client they are working with.


Yes! Your personal goals are driving you to take this next step, and we are going to Hear You and See You, as the bold force you are. As a client of Create Joy, our ambition is to closely align your travel plans with your ambitions. With an initial questionnaire, we will identify your personal goals and concerns, and we will keep the dialogue open and ongoing, to make sure we are staying in touch with what is meaningful and important to you. Throughout this process, you will be building a relationship with Create Joy, one where we hope to serve as a continued resource and supportive guide to you on your future travels. With this in mind, we have developed a Post-Journey Reflection Tool, which includes a compact journal you can take with you while you travel. Any desired notes and reflections get included in your personalized Journey Packet, along with images, and your pre-travel preparation guides. In addition, we will meet with you once more post-travel to see how you are feeling about your comfort zone, travel goals, and any new ambitions.


We know that unknowns are variable and unpredictable, but as experienced travel guides we equally understand that a comprehensive and holistic planning and preparation process is key to reducing unnecessary stress associated with stepping outside your comfort zones. It is not guaranteed that all unknowns will be eliminated, but keep in mind that having some room for spontaneity and personal navigation can lead to growth, accomplishment, and empowerment.

When it comes to making the transition from dreaming of travel, to taking initiative and making plans, Create Joy will guide you through the process of identifying the hindrances that are holding you up, and the motivations that are inspiring you to get out there. We see life’s challenges and barriers as growth opportunities that we are equipped to coach you through, and we will encourage and support you when you have questions or concerns about the feasibility of making a trip a reality.

You can be sure that when you book with Create Joy, we are taking all the thoughtful steps to ensure that your next trip is as fluid, safe, satisfying, and impactful as it can be.


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