Couple Travel + Our Approach

Goals for Impactful Travel

Our Approach to Amazing Travel Experiences

As a solo traveler, there are many things to consider and prepare for when looking for an impactful travel experience. At the top of these is ensuring your travel is safe while being immersive, adventurous, and educational. Solo travel is about personal growth, and solo travel’s benefits are endless.

Below are some of the common goals for solo travelers:

Develop a Skill: Whether you are looking to learn a new skill that has been on your bucket list or you are looking to understand and learn a culture-based skill, this goal can have many benefits.
Understand Historical, Scientific, Religious, or Artistic Subjects: Expanding your knowledge on a topic or subject that is new or misunderstood will open your mind in new ways, leading you to develop new passions and ideas about the world.
Learn + Immerse Yourself in a Language: Learning a language can be difficult, especially when you approach a new language later in life. When you immerse yourself in a place with the goal of learning a language, you learn so much more.
Understand Environmental, Agricultural, and Natural Processes: This world is built up of beautiful cycles, nutritious and medicinal provisions, and diverse terrains and landscapes. Understanding how they all work together, how we can help them thrive, and how they can help us understand so much about the world and varying subjects is so important to personal growth and wellness.

Gain Perspective on a Specific Culture: Many groups of people and activities vary so beautifully. Understanding + seeing the beauty in cultures outside of your comfort zone can open your mind and lead to greater empathy and intense personal growth.
Explore Destinations + Accomplish a Themed Trek or Route: Exploring multiple destinations and getting around in new places can help with self-awareness, improve your problem-solving, jumpstart a new routine or habit, improve your health and wellness, and can give you a better understanding of a specific region of the world. Exploration can have a specific theme and center on specific subjects and activities based on an overall goal.
Make an Impact on People + Planet: Volunteering or working within a new community or cause can simultaneously help you achieve many mind and body goals. You are able to gain a new perspective on culture, learn a new skill, and helping others and the planet, all while expanding your comfort zone and social skills.

Embark on an Outdoor Adventure: Challenge yourself and your comfort zone by creating a goal to achieve a physical journey in nature. Climb and reach the top of a metaphorical and literal mountain, go off-grid, set a distance goal, and do while embracing the unfamiliar.
Learn New Forms of Mental Wellness Practices: Some can find it difficult to practice meditation and mental care. Learning new forms of meditation and mental care can help you tap into new habits focused on improving mindfulness, tranquility, and clarity.
Learn a New Form of Movement + Exercise: You can move your body to build resilience and strength in many ways. Different cultures and groups have their own forms from dancing, stretching practices, unique movements, sports activities, and more. Understanding different approaches will increase your health and wellness, change your routine and give you perspective on culture and destination.
Facing Fears + Problem-Solving: Fear and challenges can cause us to stay deep inside our comfort zone. Taking small steps to conquer a fear or turn the unfamiliar into the familiar by utilizing travel is a great way to remove the ability for avoidance. Changing a Fear or challenge to a Goal can lead to an empowering journey of personal growth.

Benefits of Couple Travel

All of these goals have one thing in common: achieving them benefits the mind, body, and soul.

Some of the benefits of impactful solo travel are:

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Common Challenges

The beauty of impactful travel is not the absence of challenges but being prepared to handle those challenges feeling empowered, educated, and prepared, We understand the common challenges of travel for solo travelers and to better help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges, we built tools to help guide and prepare you for travel and accomplishing your goals.
Setting Goals

Travel Impacts On The Planet

We utilize the criteria utilized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to vet all destinations, accommodations, tour operators, and experiences. In addition, we calculate your journey’s carbon footprint and work with reputable offsetting projects to help you ensure your impact is net zero or minimal.
Applying Goals + Achievements + Learning Post-Trip
We built a post-journey reflection tool, which includes a compact journal you can take with you on your journey. Any desired notes and reflections from your journal get built into your Journey Packet, with images and your pre-travel preparation and guides. This becomes a resource for reflection. In addition, we meet with you once more to look at your comfort zone post-travel and reframe and set new goals for continued growth.

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